Zero Hour | Cinematic Video Competition 2

10th February 2023 to 25th March 2023

Join the competition of making cinematics with Zero Hour. Put your movie directing skills to use and squad up with your mates to make a cinematic video of Zero Hour.

2250USD | 3 Winners | 44 Days 


Hello everyone, we are very excited to announce our second Cinematic video competition from the official team behind Zero Hour. For this competition, players will have to use the in game Caster mode to create an astounding Cinematic video of Zero Hour. The videos will be judged based on the creative implementations of the caster mode and using it to its full potential.

The winner of 1st place will take home the prize of $1000 USD.


We hope to see some amazing submissions from the community, may the most creative minds win!



1st Place

-$1000 USD

2nd Place

-$750 USD

3rd Place

-$500 USD



  1.  Video Duration : Minimum 2 mins | Maximum 6 mins
  2.  No copyrighted music/SFX | Using Zero Hour OST is allowed
  3.  Cannot contain clips from other games/movies or official ZH trailers
  4.  Extra points for voice takes
  5.  Must upload on Youtube
  6. Can upload multiple submissions as long as it does not use the same clips
  7.  Must use free cam along with gameplay
  8.  Must put #ZHcinematics #ZeroHourGame



  • - Prize money will be sent through Paypal ( Cash/Bank Transfer if from Bangladesh )
  • Only videos uploaded between 10th Feb 23 - 25th March 23 will be considered for this competition
  • Members must comply with the rules or else will be disqualified
  • Must be a HD video
  • Must not use someone else's footage
  • For duplicate videos, the first upload would be considered original

    Winner will be announced a week after the event ends through all Zero Hour socials



The creator of a custom lobby can choose to be a caster.

  1. Orbit around the object you are looking at (click once) -Left Mouse Button
  2.  Follow the object you are looking at (click one) -Left Shift + Left mouse Button
  3.  Undo Orbit/Follow -Right mouse button
  4.  Increase/Decrease FOV Distance -C + Mouse Scroll
  5.  Enable/Disable DOF -Left Shift + V
  6.  Toggle on/off Team coms -T
  7.  Free cam while spectating someone -Space
  8. Mount(toggle) camera to the player's gun -G

    You may also play co-op in casual mode which will allow you to use the free cam once your player is dead by pressing spacebar while spectating. The controls are the same as stated, this however allows you to initiate free cam to observe AI and do cinematics in co-op mode.

You can also follow through the Caster Mode guide video made previously for the first competition.



Winners of previous Cinematic Competition













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